Step Brothers
is a 2008 American buddy slapstick comedy film, directed by Adam McKay. The film stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, who collabrated in Tallgenda Nights. The film was released on July 25, 2008.


Brennan Kent Huff and Dale Sebastian Doback are two unemployed, middle-aged, goofy, childish and spoiled men who still live with their parents. During a work conference, their parents, Nancy and Robert get married and move in together, forcing Brennan and Dale to live with each other as step brothers. They first hate each other, get a huge fight because Brennan wipes his testicles on Dale's drumset and the fight ending with a slatemate, as the couple warns Dale and Brennan to find jobs within' a month or they will be forced out of the house. Brennan and Dale fail their interviews. Brennan and Dale become best friends because they like the same things as the two get a idea to own their company , "Prestige Worldwide". However, Rob and Nancy tell them that they are going to retire and sail the sea on Robert's boat all allow Derek, Nancy's second son and Brennan's little brother. As the two sabtoage Derek's plans to sell the house. At Derek's birthday, the two explain Prestige Worldwide and show their music video, "Boats N' Hoes", and shows them to have a ship collison since no one was driving the boat. Robert refuses to invest in the company. At Christmas Eve, Brennan and Dave's childish behavior leads to Nancy and Robert's depression s the two attack Robert while sleepwalking and throws him down the stairs. Nancy and Robert decide to get a divorce, causing Brennan and Dale to break down crying. Nancy and Robert move out and divorces months later. Brennan and Dale blame each other for the divorce and leads to another fight to them burying each other alive. The two go their sepetare wats and move into apartments. Brennan and Dale get together as a singing duo at Derek's sale party, The Calitana Wine Mixer and Nancy and Robert renuite. Brennan and Dale form a successful entertainment company that runs karoake events in mulitiple restauraunts. In the epoilgue, Brennan and Dale beat up the kids that were picking on them and in another of them, sleepwalking reading to board a train.


  • Will Ferrell as Brennan Huff
  • John C. Reilly as Dale Doback
  • Richard Jenkins as Robert Doback
  • Mary Steenburgen as Nancy Huff-Doback
  • Adam Scott as Derek Huff
  • Kathyrn Hahn as Alice Huff