Brennan Huff is Nancy's son, Robert's stepson, Derek's older brother and Dale's stepbrother. He is potrayed by Will Ferrell and one of the two main protagnists.


Brennan is a very talented singer, he once sang in a talent show but was embarrassed by his arrogant little brother, Derek, who made his friends sing a song to taunt Brennan called "Brennan has a Mangina." Brennan was 15, when his father left him, Nancy, and Derek. Brennan is now 39 and still living with Nancy as he was fired from his job at a pet store, which he claims he was laid off. Brennan, at first doesn't like Dale, but once he punched Derek in the face, Brennan starts liking him, but once the two find out they like the same things, they become friends. Brennan starts hitting on his therapist, but is always claiming she is his girlfriend. Brennan has a samurai sword with Randy Jackson's autograph on it. Brennan is bad at playing the drums.

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